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What happened to honor?

This week I spent some time in Hawaii on the island Oahu.  

While there I visited the Pearl Harbor museum and had the opportunity to stand on the beautiful memorial that sits above the USS Arizona that still sits on the ocean floor after its December 7, 1941 bombing.  

With bodies still inside of the ship, becoming a tomb to those who served, there is an eerie feeling when visiting.  The noise of life seems to silence.  And in that silence, I heard a tourist ask someone… “What happened to honor?”

I stood there looking down to the vessel that still leaks oil to this day wondering what that day mustve been like.  I wondered the stories behind those soldiers.  Were they husbands? sons? preachers? Had they any children? Were they pillars in their community at home?  And I realized that the question raised was a good question, but not the right question.

What happened to being honorable?  As we journey through life, we pass many opportunities to touch other people in ways that could change their life.  So many would like to believe that a simple smile does nothing for the person they pass in the hallway.  And further, I’m not in a position to bless or help anyone, so I won’t do anything.  

Being honorable is about serving others with what you have.  It is about giving of yourself and your time.  Lending a helping hand or offering a kind word are honorable things to do.  Loving without restriction or excuse is honorable.  None of those things cost.  They are sacrifices.  And what I think that tourist really wanted to know was… do the people who wiling sacrifice of themselves really still exist.

Now… I translate that question to you.  Are you worthy of honor?  Think about it and make adjustments as needed.


Off Balance…

There are many situations in life that require that we choose ourselves or other things.  Other things could be other people, jobs, responsibilities… practically anything outside of ourselves.

It isn’t really until we are faced to choose between our own personal safety, well-being, or happiness and these other things that we learn how society has driven us to hesitate in choosing.  

Why should there ever exist a question of whether our well-being should be put first or other things?  What could possibly be more important in life that our happiness and safety?  What has happened that we have to weigh it out?

Oftentimes, I don’t think we realize we have become this way until you are hearing the words “you need to worry about YOU” and “they will be alright”.

We MUST learn to balance our lives where these questions don’t come so often.  Where in times of danger or questionable circumstances, those who are around us are so aware of how much we value our own well-being, that there is no question that we will not sacrifice for just anything.  (This is all separate from the options and choices we have to choose to sacrifice for things we believe in and love).  

So… I encourage you to ask yourself… 

Are you off balance?  If your answer is “yes”, what do you plan to do to restore and maintain your balance?

You deserve to be at a peace with and in life.  But that decision and choice is completely up to you.  


holding or being held?

Though people would like to believe that the world is sitting on the other end of their computers and smart phones waiting for the opportunity to validate their existence in life, the very obvious reality is that they are not.

It has become increasingly annoying to realize that so many lives are tied to and tangled up in something that didn’t exist some 30 years ago.  Such a young creation has somehow become a god in this generation. 

Every morning, many open their eyes to their phone screens casting a light on their barely adjusted eyes to scroll down a timeline.  Before feeding their children, before washing their face, before giving honor to a higher being… they are plugged in before their feet hit the ground.  It amazes me.

This is not at all a rant about social networks and their slave like hold on society.  But it is spotlighting of the lack of control the vast majority of humans have on their own lives.

It should be enough that we don’t get a say in whether we live or die from moment to moment.  It should be enough that we can’t wake up and know that before we go to bed we may be in a car accident, get bad news at work, or even know we will get a raise.  The uncertainties of life are uncompromising.  Yet we have created a being so great in our eyes that we have willingly relinquished a large amount of what we CAN control to it’s existence.  

People feed social media and networks their deepest secrets, the most special moments in their lives, and the irreplaceable minutes of their life.  One would believe that before this, life hobbled along existing in a darkness, lost looking for a savior.  On the contrary, generations of people lived, loved, created, and conquered.  

It went on in what some would say was a “better” time.  I shall not stand to defend whether one time is better or not.  However, I will pose questions.  What has come of the human being in the midst of these rapid developments?  Are we already the robot we see in movies?  Only without tangible cords that run from our physical bodies to a power source, are we constantly plugging up to a “master”?  What has to happen for us to treat this beast as only for what it is?

Will we ever evolve to using it’s power solely for good?  Will there be more linking of souls and less liking of pictures one day?  Will there come a time that we more often look forward to the sound of a person’s voice again?  Will we speak with our mouths and not type with our thumbs to express ourselves?

Social media, internet, websites, etc have their place in life.  The power they have to communicate, educate, inspire, and connect is astounding.  It can be good.  It has been GREAT.  But the level of abuse that happens to human emotion has approached unrepairable.  

Just a little food for thought… comments are welcomed.

… And all of this on a social media site. ;-)


Courage is not the absence of fear; it is action in the presence of fear. Bold people do what they know they should do—not what they feel like doing.
Joyce Meyer
Just don’t…

Never underestimate perception.

“The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”

Excerpt From: Hill, Napoleon. “Think and Grow Rich (Original Unabridged Version).”

Napolean Hill
What working for yourself really looks like… 

"It’s what you learn AFTER you know it all that counts." -John Wooden

What working for yourself really looks like…

"It’s what you learn AFTER you know it all that counts." -John Wooden

Hi. I’m Jacqui. And selfies are my procrastination tool of choice tonight.

Hi. I’m Jacqui. And selfies are my procrastination tool of choice tonight.

Magic tricks

The need for change can sometimes be SO obvious … It appears transparent.